I have never done kickboxing before, is that okay?

Yes! We have lots of beginners in our classes. Your instructor will show you proper
hitting technique and all the different moves you will need to know. If you have more
experience, your instructor can add extra moves to your combos to make it more
challenging. Remember – the more you put into each class, the better workout you will

What are the classes like?

– They are fun—who doesn’t like to let loose and hit something once in a while?
– It is a full body workout—including cardio & resistance training
– Expect it to be challenging—if you want something easy stay at home and do
your Tae Bo video from the 90’s
– Each class is different—sometimes we will incorporate a circuit, sometimes it will
be all pad work. We like to keep it interesting!
– We use Thai pads and gloves so you are hitting a target. Rounds are completed
in timed rounds (not to the beat of music like a cardio-kickboxing class would be)

Do I need to be in shape to join?

All of our classes cater to women of all levels of experience; we do not have separate
classes for beginners or more advanced levels. Our instructors will teach you all of the
techniques and basics that you need to know, and then over the six weeks the difficulty
will build from there. If you ever need an easier move, or even something a bit harder to
do our instructors are fantastic at thinking up different modifications for an individual as
we don’t expect everyone to be at the same level. If you ever just need a 5 min break,
there is no harm in taking it!

I don’t have a friend to join class with me, is that okay?

Absolutely! You don’t need to sign up with a partner to attend our classes. The
instructor will pair you up with someone for any partner work, and there is a good
chance that you won’t work with the same person at each class anyways. It is great to
get to work with different women as everyone has different strengths and weaknesses.

I haven’t worked out in a long time, is this the class for me?

We design these classes as a Fitness class, not as a fighter’s class to train someone to get
into the ring. We get all sorts of shapes, sizes, abilities (18 year old super-fit, 30 year old
that hasn’t done anything for 5 years, and middle-aged with mobility issues). It’s not
about & keeping up & or working the hardest, all we ask is that you do your BEST at each

We tell the instructors to make the classes hard. You can always modify to make it
easier if you need, but generally people won’t make it harder if we don’t push them. The
great thing about hitting is that the harder and faster you hit, the more of a workout you
are going to get. If you need a break, TAKE IT! That’s always okay. Your instructor can
give various things for everyone depending on their level (ie regular squat compared to
a jump squat or even a flip squat). Our classes are about having fun while you work out
(who doesn’t like to hit stuff?!)

Do I need to be in shape to join?

No, not at all! At Foxy Kickboxing all fitness levels are welcome. We’re not looking for
the person who looks the best, talks the loudest or arrives in the best shape. We’re
looking for people who come with an open mind and are willing to put in the effort to

What are your Foxy Force Cross-Training classes?

Our Foxy Force classes are high intensity interval training classes meant to compliment
your kickboxing. There is no hitting or pad work in these classes we train using your
bodyweight and our workout belts. Think lots of pushups, squats, plyometrics,
abdominals, etc. These classes are tough, but a lot of fun too! We push you to work to
your limits and raise the bar each class. Currently these classes are only offered in NW


What are wrist wraps?

Wraps are very long strips of cloth that you wrap around your wrists and knuckles to
protect them from the impact of hitting. Wraps are highly recommended to give more
support and protection to fighters’ wrists. The other benefit of wraps is that you can
take them home and wash them between sessions!

Wraps are included with your registration fee for new students your instructor will have
them for you at your first class. Plan to arrive 15 minutes early so she can show you how
to put them on.

Do I need to bring my own equipment?

No, you don’t need your own gloves as we have enough equipment for everyone who is
registered in the class. Some people prefer to bring their own gloves so they don’t have
to share, or you may want a different weight of glove (we use 14oz in class). If you
would like to purchase gloves we do offer them in our merchandise section.

What do I need to bring to class?

You will need a yoga mat (or towel) for our abdominal work and stretching, as well as a
water bottle. Make sure you have proper footwear (something that you would wear to a
gym – not fashion runners or hiking boots).


How long are classes?

Classes are one hour in duration, once per week. Our sessions are 6 weeks long.

Is once a week enough?

We know women can be super busy balancing work, families, and social commitments.
We have designed our program to be once per week so that anyone can fit a class into
their busy schedules.

If you are looking to really get fit and challenge yourself, you can sign up for two (or
even three) classes per week (kickboxing, cross-training, or combination of both!). The
more you can commit to the classes the better your results will be!

How come I can’t take more than one class per week at a certain location?

As we rent out of different churches/halls/etc. we tend to only have one time slot at a
particular location, so if you are looking to take more than one class per week there is a
good chance it will have to be at a different location.

How do I register for more than one class at a time?

When you are adding multiple classes to register, you select the first class that you want
and it will take you to your shopping cart. From this screen you can either choose the
button to “Proceed to Checkout” on the bottom right hand side of the screen, or
“Continue Shopping” on the bottom left hand side of the screen. If you need to go back
to your shopping cart at any time you can click the Cart button on the top header.

What is the minimum age to join?

The minimum age of our participants is 16 years of age. Ladies aged 16 or 17 need a
separate waiver signed by their parents/guardians to take the classes.

Do you offer private sessions?

No, we do not currently offer private classes; however, some of our instructors are great
personal trainers and might have openings available for new clients. This is not done
through Foxy Kickboxing so all rates and details are determined by the individual trainer.
We are happy to put you in contact with an instructor in your area – please send us an
email through the “Contact Us” section for more information. Make sure to include your
city, neighbourhood, fitness goals, and experience so we can match you with a suitable

What does it cost?

Our sessions are 6 weeks in duration and cost $95. This includes your hand-wraps that
you will pick up at your first class. After completing your first six week session you can
get the returning customer discount code from your instructor to take $10 off of your
We also offer a group discount for 4 or more ladies who are registering for the same
class. Save $12.50 each PLUS it includes your Foxy hand-wraps.

Can I register in person at the first class?

All registrations must be completed online prior to attending class. Through our website
we accept Visa/Mastercard and Interac Online.

Do you have a drop-in option?

Unfortunately due to the nature of our classes we cannot allow a drop-in option. We
only have enough equipment available for the people registered in the class, and the
program is designed to get harder as the weeks progress. It would not be fair to the
ladies in the class or to the instructor to have new people at each class.

Can I try a class?

Every once in a while we create trial classes for those like you who would like to try it
out before you full commit to the session. These are announced on our Facebook page
and our website so check back often!

I have to miss a class or two, do you offer a pro-rated option?

We do not have a pro-rated option available if you are missing a class. This is because
we allow you to make up one missed class per session. You can submit your make up
class request here:



What does pro-rated mean?

Pro-rated means that the class has been shortened from a six week class to either a
3/4/5 week class due to a scheduling conflict, and the price has been adjusted

What happens if I have to miss a class?

You can make-up ONE missed class within a session at another location. Due to
equipment requirements, we can only allow two extra people per class. Please schedule your make-up online though these links:

Make-up Class Request YYC & Area

Make-up Class Request Edmonton & Area



What is your refund policy?

We understand that medical issues may arise that are beyond your control, which
prevents you from attending classes. If you need to cancel your registration due to an
injury/illness please email and we can provide you with a credit
for a future session. Please note that we do not extend credits to scheduling conflicts
or missed classes.

Is there any other way to register without using a credit card?

Yes! If you do not have a credit card, we also have INTERAC Online available on our
website. You will see the option when you are registering during the checkout process.
We do not accept cash or cheque for registrations. We can also accept e-transfers for
registration, please contact us for more details.

What is your returning student discount?

Returning students save $10 off of a 6-week kickboxing session. You need to enter your
discount code during your checkout to save your money (sorry we cannot refund the
difference if you forget to enter it during your registration). Please email your instructor
to receive your code.

What is your group registration discount?

If you have a group of 4 or more ladies who are registering for a class you can save $50!
All of the ladies need to be registered on one transaction by a ‘team captain’. Save
$12.50 each PLUS it includes your Foxy hand-wraps.


–       Foxy Kickboxing does NOT issue refunds for any reason
–      If a participant is advised by their doctor not to participate in a session, a CREDIT will
be issued that is valid for one year from date of issue. The credit is transferable if you
would like to give it to a friend
–      All students must complete our online waiver before participating in class. Ladies
aged 16 or 17 must have their parents complete our special ‘minors’ release waiver
–      Students are allowed one make-up class during their kickboxing session. This class
needs to be scheduled through Foxy and completed before the end of your registered
–      Make-up classes cannot be carried forward to other sessions. Limited spaces are
available and cannot be changed once you have booked a make-up date